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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Native Plants

Native plants are classified as plants that have been growing in our region since before European settling.

Natives are beneficial to birds and to butterflies because wildlife prefer to feed on natives. Many non-native ornamental plants have no food value to our wildlife. Also, native trees, especially evergreens, provide cover for birds. Our community garden at the Thomas West park pond is filled with native plants. We are in the process of having the habitat certified as a Monarch waystation. Waystations provide resources for Monarch butterflies throughout the breeding season and fall migration.

Some commonly found native plants are
~American Holly
~Red Maple
~Black Eyed Susans
~Common Blue Violet
~New England Aster
~Switch Grass
~Lobelia (Cardinal Flower)

A full list of native plants can be found at New Jersey Native Plant Society.

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